Long overdue updates…

The first four months of 2015 have been a whirlwind of work and personal obligations with a jam-packed social calendar. I don’t think we’ve had a weekend “off” to lounge around and enjoy doing nothing since the first weekend in February! With all that’s been happening it’s been a LONG time between posts and we have much to cover.

Starting in early February we welcomed a slew of visitors… one after another. First we welcomed our friend Thomas, visiting from Germany. He made our place his home base while he explored LA and ventured to beach each day to surf. A week into Thomas’ stay Mathieu came to LA to escape the freezing winter in Montreal. We also got to see another Berlin friend, Artjom, who was spending a few months working in LA. Overlapping with the Berlin boys’ visits we got to see Nate for a few nights when he journeyed out west from Chicago.

In the midst of all our visitors we also had the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day this year fell on a Saturday and Dave told me he wanted to take charge of the planning. He surprised me with a fabulous mini-break just a couple miles down the road in Redondo Beach. The day of love began with homemade french toast for breakfast followed by couples massages. After the pampering we drove down to Culver City and spent the afternoon touring the Museum of Jurassic Technology. A really funky and unique spot with exhibits fully immersed in the bizarre. That evening we indulged in some delicious BBQ in Marina del Rey, before retiring to Portofino Hotel for the night. The next day we spent lounging at Manhattan Beach, hanging out by the pool and enjoying some tasty seafood at Captain Kidd’s before another relaxing evening at the Portofino. The next weekend we helped Maddie ring in her 24th birthday with games and Max City at her swanky new apartment.

After a week driving around AZ, Vegas and CA our international friends made it back to LA and we had an extra day with them before they flew out. A few days after saying good bye we celebrated Dave’s 30th Birthday with a seafood dinner and drinks in WEHO. I surprised him with 30 balloons and 30 of my favorite things about him. I also booked a quick weekend getaway at a beachfront hotel down in Oceanside. We spent the weekend rotating between the beach and the rooftop pool before hitting up the Stone Brewery in Escondito for a tour, a tasting and some dinner on the way home.

Mid- March we spent a long weekend in Arizona at Gina’s house catching a few spring training games and cheering on the Dodgers. We drove out on Thursday afternoon and saw games at the Mariner’s stadium, Dodger’s stadium and Giant’s stadium. It was a quick trip, but the weather was great and we had a lot of fun checking out the different complexes and teams.

The day after we returned from AZ it was time for our second rush of visitors- this time the ladies. First we welcomed Jamie (out from Chicago) and hosted her for about a week while she was doing research in the area. The So Cal weather didn’t disappoint and she got to spend some quality time by the pool and lounging in our hammock. A few days after Jamie departed Emily and Lea flew out for a mini-Logger reunion. We did a lot of eating and laughing and even made it out to brunch with another former 2214 roommate, Lauren. The weekend with them flew by, but will get to see them again soon in Wyoming when we celebrate Emily’s nuptials this summer!

The onslaught of visitors departed and all the sudden it was April. I’ve said this before, but April is hell month for admissions professionals. This April was especially overwhelming given the recent turnover of staff in our office. I won’t go into the tedious details, but I’ll say it was pretty stressful and I had a serious countdown to May 1st on my calendar. Luckily, I only had to travel one weekend because I was manning everything on campus so I did get a few days rest in between the crazy weeks. My one weekend away was up in the PNW- so I got to have breakfast with Jessie in Portland and dinner with Jen, Paul and baby Aerin in Seattle. Seeing friends always makes work travel more enjoyable:)

The other weekends in April were spent celebrating Easter in Sierra Madre and attending the LA Times Book Festival. We got up early Easter morning for the traditional Sunrise Service in Wilderness Park then had breakfast in downtown Monrovia. From there we spent the morning wandering through Descanso Gardens and the afternoon playing games and eating ham in the backyard. At the Book Festival we had the opportunity to see Malcolm Gladwell speak and received signed copies of his book, David and Goliath. We also saw an interview with Al Michaels and LA Times sports reporter, Chris Erskine. And since the madness of April has died down we’ve been able to make it to a Dodger’s game, enjoy some time with friends and just hang out together.

We loved welcoming all our visitors even though our quarters are a little cramped and space is soon to be at an even greater premium when we welcome a permanent guest in September of 2015!  In the midst of all that’s been happening this year the biggest and best news yet is a new addition to the Chebuske family due to arrive in September of 2015!


We have a lot to learn and do before Baby C. arrives, but we couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to meet the new addition♥

Until next time…Daverian+1

Palm Springs Weekend

It’s been a hectic summer for the Herlache/Chebuske clan with travel, new jobs, moving, a surgery and the usual festivities. Trying to coordinate five different schedules took a bit of time and it wasn’t until the second weekend in August that we were finally able to come together to celebrate my belated 29th birthday!

I love presents (who doesn’t?!), but even more than presents I love traveling to new locales. Though I’ve driven through it a few times in past two decades, the only time I’ve ever spent in Palm Springs was a weekend in early elementary school. My girl scout troop was rewarded with an overnight trip to Palm Springs for our cookie selling efforts. I recall the trip being a success, but beyond the pool and the swanky jungle gym gear at a nearby park, my memories of the desert town are pretty hazy. Luckily my dad is a huge fan of California’s Gold host, Huell Howser, and when we saw a rerun of a trip he took to San Jacinto earlier this summer the idea blossomed of making a return trip to the popular vacation destination.

We met my family at the foot of the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway early on Saturday morning. We travelled from 2,643 feet up to Mountain Station, which sits at an elevation 8,516 feet. From there we trekked across San Jacinto State Park completing an almost 9 mile hike before making our way back to the station for lunch at Peaks Restaurant.

The trail was challenging at times, but with plenty of flat stretches along the way. An awesome feature of San Jacinto State Park is the fact that the weather atop the mountain is generally close to 30° cooler than the weather at the base of the mountain. With the average temperature in Palm Springs that weekend coming in a 102° the mountain-top weather was absolute perfection!

After our hike, lunch (and getting in plenty of family photos) we made our way back down the mountain and a little further south to the city of La Quinta. We found a great 2 bedroom condo available on AirBnB at a complex with 9 different pools and a hammock garden. We got in a quick swim and were actually able to catch some of the Dodger game (Dodger fans without Time Warner know our pain)  before heading out to dinner.

We had an amazing meal at Cork and Fork for dinner. Cork and Fork’s food philosophy is “Mix and Match. Share and Enjoy”. We shared a variety of small plates ranging from grilled cheese with braised short ribs to seared scallops to blistered shishito peppers. Cork and Fork has a great wine list and some local rotating drafts. Plus they offer happy hour prices on select starters and their beer, white and red wines of the night. I have the hardest time picking between menu items and always want to try what everyone else has ordered- the small sharable plates proved to be the perfect dining approach. Too bad there aren’t more restaurants like Cork and Fork out there!

After dinner we indulged in homemade ice cream at Infusions. Every scoop is handmade in KitchenAid mixers with liquid nitrogen. Steam spills out over the counter as employees mix up orders. Between the five of us we split strawberry cheesecake, mint chip and the most delicious- chocolate espresso with fresh ground espresso beans on top. To top all the ice cream off I was also presented with my favorite cake- our family’s classic carrot cake. It was a decadent, food-filled evening that we absolutely deserved after our active day!

The next morning brought hours of a rotation between the pool and the air-conditioned condo. Because it’s so hot in Palm Springs summer is actually the off-season! Because of this we had the pools mostly to ourselves. The mountain backdrops weren’t too shabby either. It was a wonderful way to spend the early part of the day.

Post relaxation time we all headed back west, relived to leave the 109° temperature for something a little more bearable– whoohoo 90s! On the way home Dave and I made one last pit stop for dinner at the original In-N-Out burger in Baldwin Park. In-N-Out University was closed and we weren’t able to buy a t-shirt, but we indulged in some always delicious burgers and fries. The perfect California ending to a California-filled weekend!


New Digs

We’re official residents of Los Angeles! We have been set up in our new home for about two weeks now and absolutely love the space. We’ve moved around so often the past 7 years or so that our stuff is scattered to the ends of the earth….well most scattered throughout the basement, garage and attic of the Chebuske’s house, but still- most of our furniture is 3000 miles away. Luckily the place came furnished with a few key pieces (i.e. couch and dresser) and we were able to borrow a few other pieces from my parents. We’ve slowly started to pick up other items along the way, but it’s definitely a work in progress.

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The weekend of July 19th we drove down to Yorba Linda (about a hour from LA) to celebrate the nuptials of our great friends, Alexis and Peter. They were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Nixon Library followed by a sweet and incredibly fun ballroom reception. They had amazing food (surf and turf!), plus a fully stocked open bar. You can tell though the evolution of my photo booth pictures that I overindulged a bit in the free flowing wine.

Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we had a nearby hotel room and sitting through the Angels v. Mariners game the next day was not my most pleasant baseball viewing experience. We met our friend Sachi for the game and unfortunately I was not the best seatmate. She and Dave had a great time though and the Angels came back in the bottom of the 9th to pull out a W. We’re planning to take her out to a Dodger game in the near future so she can get a National League experience and I can be a livelier viewing partner. In spite of the white-wine overload we had a wonderful weekend getting to see Sachi and were thrilled to be a part of the Colantoni’s big day! Congrats again to the gorgeous bride and handsome groom!!

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The week following the wedding was a short work week for me as I got my four stubborn wisdom teeth pulled this past Wednesday. The surgery went well and there’s has been a surprising little amount of pain, but the antibiotics and anti-pain medication has wiped me out! If I’m not sleeping the only energy I have has been invested in long hours of television watching and some internet surfing. It definitely could be worse, but by Friday I was looking forward to some mental clarity, the ability to stay awake for more than 5 hours at a time and the option to fully open my mouth again. Even though I’m still not in tip-top shape I didn’t have long to wallow in my drugged stupor as we had some plans for the weekend. Yesterday morning we drove down to Long Beach to check out the World Series of Beach Volleyball. Sachi works for Mikasa and hooked us up with awesome VIP passes for the tournament semi-finals. We watched the best in the world battle it out from a shaded platform with complimentary food and drink. The US women took down the Netherlands and then later in the afternoon defeated the Slovakians to make it to the Gold Medal match. The US men had an unfortunate loss to Poland and we missed the later US Men’s team play as we had to head north to meet my parents and Maddie for an outdoor concert at the Santa Anita Race Track. We watched the Cal Philharmonic play “magical” melodies from Disney favorites like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Fantasia. We had a fun night with a picnic dinner and then music under the stars. It was the perfect end to a summer day.

We only have a few days left of July and then we’re on to August! We still have some work to go to get our new home fully functioning and I’m sure we’ll spend some quality time with family and friends. I have my fall travel schedule outlined and it looks like I’m going to be spending most weekends in October, November and early December out of town so I have to capitalize on the weekends I’m around. Hopefully a few more concerts and some beach days are in our future…maybe even a camping trip or two- there’s so much of the west left to explore!!

Until next time…Daverian


How is it already May?! Mid-May to be precise. I know I always comment on how fast time flies, but for goodness sake 2014 is well on its way to being half complete! I guess one of the great things about keeping up with our blog is that it gives us a moment to reflect on time and what we’ve done and accomplished throughout the year. It’s also an incredible gift to be able to look back and recall our adventures from years past.

For some reason May has always been a good month for me. Maybe it’s a good month for everyone, but I’ve always felt like good things happen in May. The weather is usually pretty perfect, it often signifies the closing of another school year, in admissions it’s the calm after the storm that is April, and it’s my favorite month to take vacation! In that vein I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to look for a camping spot or hotel for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately, I started my search a little late and hadn’t had much luck with campground vacancies or decent priced hotels. I was a little discouraged about not finding something and had expressed my frustration to Dave. He, being the amazing husband that he is, listened to my complaints and amazingly surprised me after work on Friday by having the car all packed up and a house rented down in San Clemente for the weekend!

I’m usually pretty aware (some might say nosy) so it’s hard to surprise me, but he did! We had a great weekend hanging out at the beach, having drinks on the pier, playing cribbage and doing crosswords on the house’s deck and in general just enjoying a bit of privacy we haven’t had in awhile. It was such a thoughtful surprise and I absolutely loved it!! It also made me even more excited to find our own place in LA, something we’re planning to do early this summer.

In addition to beach getaways we’ve been keeping busy with work and other activities. Dave plays on a soccer team out of LA that has games Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. He’s also been out golfing with my dad a few times and made some side trips to the driving range to improve his long ball. And on Cinco de Mayo he whipped up some homemade carnitas and for mother’s day cooked up a delicious breakfast feast. While Dave’s been perfecting his soccer, golf and cooking skills I’ve been busy with work, some social activities and a few fun preparations for the upcoming wedding season. A couple weeks ago my high school class hosted its 11 year reunion in Old Town Pasadena and it was so fun to see girls I hadn’t talked to since we graduated back in 2003! The next weekend we celebrated mothers and daughters at the annual Mother/Daughter Luncheon at church. It was fun to be ladies who lunch under the tent with a fun little boutique of homemade goods. A few weeks later my great friend Alexis, who is getting married in July, had her gorgeous bridal shower at the Palihouse in Hollywood. Then last week I was finally able to catch up with my Boston buddy, Rachel, at the Food Haus Cafe in LA. It was so good to see her and get the lowdown on her life.  And lastly, this week marks the return of The Bachelorette on TV. It’s one of my guilty pleasures and I’m hosting the girls for the premiere. Hopefully it’s an action packed season for our viewing pleasure:) So many good times with the wonderful women in my life. I’m so happy so many make “girl time” a priority- I never laugh as much as when I’m enjoying a good session of girl talk!

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We’ve also been able to have a few date nights and explore some new places in LA. Our favorite was the outdoor biergarten at Berlin Currywurst in Hollywood- reminded us of the good old days! Up next for us is a much anticipated three day weekend, followed by my cousin Alondra’s birthday and graduation party at the end of the month and then my birthday weekend getaway to San Francisco leading into a professional development opportunity in San Jose. I’m sure the next few weeks will fly by as they always do and updates will follow closely behind…Love to all!

xoxo- Daverian

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year! To start the new year we’ll write a quick wrap up of the past year. 2013 was hands down the best year. We started the year off in Berlin with the promise of lots of travel, lots of wedding activity and lots of fun. 2013 delivered on all accounts.

We were incredibly grateful to have been able to visit 13 different countries, with Greece being the major highlight. We also had the opportunity to travel throughout Germany, visiting a number of cities in Bavaria and finally making it down the Romantic Road. In the US we were able to spend a lot of time on both coasts- staying with Dave’s family in Maine for a few weeks in September and then again in December and my family in California in between. Definitely the most extended family time we’ve been able to enjoy in many a year.

We spent a good deal of the year immersed in plans for our October wedding. Planning a wedding is a HUGE undertaking and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of so many of our family and friends, but everything came together perfectly for the big day. October 12, 2013 was absolutely the highlight of the year and without question one of the highlights of our lives. We both really took the time to savor the day and couldn’t be happier about how everything turned out. And now we’re married!!

All in all 2013 was quintessentially a year of fun.  Every year right after January 1st we make a date and share our “top lists” of the year. We have a bunch of different categories: top songs, top trips, top books etc…and then top overall moments/memories. January 2nd we dined at an awesome new-ish restaurant in Portland called Outliers. Bo and Kristie gave us a gift card for Christmas and it was the perfect spot for our first date of 2014. We had delicious pork jowel to start, short ribs and lobster pasta for our mains and a yummy of Malbec while we shared our lists. It may be the last year in a long time in which we both have extended time off and no real financial obligations tying us down. We picnicked, and read and traveled and hung out with friends, and drank in biergartens and swam in incredible oceans and generally just savored life. It was a carefree, adventure-filled year and difficult to whittle down a few highlights- which we took for a pretty good sign. It doesn’t escape our knowledge that we were incredibly fortunate in 2013.

2013 in Review
Year in Review 2013

And now it’s time for 2014! We rang in the new year with family and good friends. We had a delicious dinner of lobster mac n’ cheese prepared by Melissa and started the night with fun family games before heading over for drinks with some friends at Sam and Cliff’s apartment and ended the night at Bubba’s Sulky Lounge– touted as Portland #1 dance club. They had two light up dance floors and a DJ spinning some 90’s and modern hits. It was a lot of fun to dance the night away and a great way to start off the new year.


2014 should also be a big year though probably not in such a dramatic, wedding and travel-filled fashion as its predecessor. The big adventure will be figuring out where we in this great big world we’ll be able to find fulfilling jobs and a new community to build a home. We’re still open to all corners of the globe, but are focusing our current search in the States. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide more interesting updates in the near future once we actually make some forward progress on this whole job/home thing. In the meantime we’ll keep seeking out free thrills as unemployed nomads. Hope you all had a festive New Year and a positive start to 2014!


Thankful in the Fall

We’ve been back in “real world mode” for a few weeks now and most of our time has been spent job hunting, trying not to spend money and lounging around with the family. The silver lining to being (f)unemployed is that you have lots of time to do all the things you wish you were doing when you’re working. We’ve been trying to explore some of the cheap/cost-free options in and around LA and our wonderful family has treated us to a few things along the way as well.

The last stop of our mini-moon was at the Hangar 24 and when we told my dad about it he mentioned that a new brewery had opened up in Monrovia called Pacific Plate Brewery. The weekend after our return the whole family piled into the car and drove down to split a couple a samplers. The brewery is small, but the beer was delicious! Later that week we met up with my old friends Jessie and Travis at another local brewery called Eagle Rock Brewery. They were having their 4 year anniversary party the night we met up and were offering special flights of their Solidarity beer and passing out delicious chocolate cake. We had a great time catching up and laughing about old times while downing some more delicious beer.

IMG_1307 IMG_1304

In our efforts to save our dough (and work off that beer) we’ve been taking advantage of the ridiculously warm So Cal weather by doing a lot of hiking and getting out to the local ball fields to throw and hit the softball around. Last weekend Dave and I hiked up into Bailey Canyon and got some amazing views of the south land. It had rained a little bit the day before and we could see for miles- all the way out to the ocean.


In November Dave and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary by partaking in happy hour at DogHaus in Pasadena. We also celebrated my dad’s birthday with a family trip to Huntington Gardens and a sushi dinner at Kabuki in Hastings.

IMG_1323 IMG_1322IMG_1434IMG_1433

Later in the month we headed into downtown LA to check out the LA Auto Show. I don’t know much about cars, but it was really fun to check out some of the fancy models and pretend to drive a Porsche around. After the Auto Show we took Dave to eat at the Pantry, a famous LA establishment that’s been open continuously since 1924. Fotor1206171025 IMG_1500 IMG_1509

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with two massive feasts. On the actual day we drove down to my uncle and aunt’s house in Temecula. They prepared a great dinner and we had fun visiting with them and my cousins, Emilie and Leah. The next day we whipped up the whole meal all over again. Dave and I hadn’t been in the States for Thanksgiving in three years and were keen to do all our favorites and have leftovers galore. We cooked all day and then shared a second amazing feast that Friday. It definitely beat battling Black Friday shoppers.IMG_4043

IMG_4049 IMG_4055

In the past few weeks we’ve also been able to make it down to Costa Mesa to visit with our friend Sachi, who moved to Orange County from Berlin, grab dinner with friends Alexis and Peter, catch a taping of the Jay Leno Show out in Burbank and I was able to have a girls’ day with Robyn, Katie and Kathleen checking out Kathleen’s cute, new apartment. Last weekend we saw Catching Fire with the family. And then just this week we trekked out to the LA Zoo with Maddie’s friend Sarah who is down in LA for a quick visit.IMG_1438

IMG_1526IMG_1447 IMG_1670I guess looking back over the past month we’ve actually been able to keep pretty busy. It’s finally starting to cool down in California and we’re looking forward to getting a Christmas tree and pulling out all the decorations this weekend. We’re leaving for Maine in just about 10 days now so we have lots of Christmas gift crafting to do in the next week, plus job searching of course… Merry (early) Christmas to everyone and hope you have much to be thankful for this holiday season!


Good Bye Berlin

It seems like just Yesterday that we arrived in Berlin, confused, excited, a little scared but most of all ready for a new adventure. In reality it’s been two full years since we touched down at Tegel airport and we have loved every minute of it. There are too many things to mention that we will miss about this great city, but in our last few weeks in the city we tried to hit a few of them. Before we left for our eastern Europe trip, I had finished my thesis and handed it in and Adrian had completed her time at Phorms, so we had a few weeks of free time before heading back to the USA to say goodbye to Berlin properly.


Dave turning in his thesis!

First, we made an effort to try and hit a few of the tourist attractions in Berlin that we just hadn’t gotten around to. First among them we a trip underground to one of Berlin’s old World War II bunkers. Berlin was very heavily bombed during the second World War necessitating the building of numerous underground bunkers for the citizens to hide in during air raids. Most of these bunkers are no longer accessible, but one near Gesundbrunnen in the northern part of the city is fairly well preserved and there are daily guided tours that take you around the bunker. Some of the highlights were the fluorescent paint that was used to light the rooms in the absence of electric lights and some of the stories about the dangers faced by the average Berliners during the war including the cramming of 100s of people in rooms designed for 20 and using candles at different heights to gauge the amount of breathable air in the facility.


On the recommendation of Adrian’s cousin Jamie, we decided to check out the Berlin Film museum (free on Thursdays). The museum had some very interesting architecture including one room with mirrors on the ceiling and floor creating a very interesting perspective.

The exhibits were also very interesting as the detailed the history of German film making over the past century. It is a bit surprising to learn how much innovation in Cinema there was in Germany especially during the early 20th century (The film Metropolis is, even today, a remarkable example). Of course, World War II and the Nazi regime put an end to all that; it’s certainly sad to think about how much great art the world has been deprived of thanks to wars and totalitarian governments.


Another sight we wanted to be sure to see was the Panorama Point nearby at Potsdammer Platz. We took the self proclaimed ‘fastest elevator in Europe’ to the 25th floor and were not disappointed by the 360 degree views we found at the top. We were also pleasantly surprised to see an marriage proposal on the building across the street, happily reminding us of our own upcoming wedding this fall. We hope she said “Yes”!!!

IMG_3743 IMG_3749 IMG_3757 IMG_3772 IMG_3774 IMG_3785

We also took a trip to Hohenschönhausen, the old East German secret police prison in East Berlin. The Prison is now a museum dedicated to remembering the persecution of the East German people under the DDR government. The East German secret police or Stasi used surveillance and interrogation to prevent the population from trying to escape East Berlin and also to silence critics of the regime. The museum included a tour of some the interrogation rooms and cells and some stories of the different inmates who spent time there. The tour was pretty dark, but learned a lot! Shortly after visiting we watched the film ‘The Lives of Others’ about a Stasi spy which included several scenes in Hohenschönhausen. The film was excellent and really brought to life some of the history we had just learned about at the museum.

IMG_3633 IMG_3636 IMG_3641 IMG_3643 IMG_3645 IMG_3649

Of course the most important thing we wanted to do was to spend sometime with our friends and what better way to do that then with outdoor barbecues. One of our favorite activities in Berlin was taking advantage of some of the many parks around the city, starting up the grill and enjoying some food and drink with friends. We took advantage of some of our free time by making it out to Plotzensee for a bittersweet ‘farewell’ party with some of our best friends. We were also able to attend a BBQ in Golitzerpark with some of Adrian’s friends from work, a night out clubbing at the Kulturbrauerei, a visit to Bad Saarow with Jon and Paul and lots of time reminiscing over the past two years at our favorite neighborhood cafes and bars. We filled up on food at our beloved Kollwitzplatz Markt and said a fond farewell to Prenzlauer Berg with a trip to Mauerpark and one last Sunday brunch. Adrian was also able to visit the Barbie Dream-house with Saskia and had a great time checking out one of her favorite childhood toy’s homes:) It was a busy last couple of weeks!


IMG_3806IMG_1748 IMG_1751 IMG_3700

IMG_3731 IMG_3801 IMG_3814 IMG_3815 IMG_3825 IMG_3835 IMG_3838 IMG_3847 IMG_3850
IMG_3886 IMG_3610

IMG_3594 IMG_3627

IMG_3662 IMG_3676 IMG_3681Our last Friday in Berlin Dave had to defend his thesis. He was a little nervous (who wouldn’t be?), but he totally kicked ass!! Getting a perfect score on his defense and a 1.3 (1.0 is the top grade in the German system) on his master thesis!! I was so proud of him after all his hard work over the course of the semester and we popped a little bubbly in Kollwitzplatz to celebrate.

IMG_3805 We spent our last weekend in Berlin fervently packing, trying to shove two years of our lives into three suitcases and 4 boxes. We were able to get almost everything done by Monday night so that we could spend our official last day, Tuesday, savoring our city. We took the 100 bus from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Gate. Then we walked through Tiergarten, visiting the Rose Garden and the site of our 2012 engagement. We laid out blankets and spent a few hours reading and enjoying our absolute favorite place in Berlin. We then hopped back on the 100 to Zoogarten for our final trip to our favorite biergarten, Schleusenkrug. We shared a flammkuchen, a pretzel, a piece of Apfelkuchen and of course a slew of beers and spent a few hours reminiscing on our time in Berlin. Schleusenkrug was the very first place we visited when we arrived in Berlin and we thought it only fitting that it should be our last. It was the place we came to celebrate our engagement, my first job in the city and Dave completing his thesis. It’s a really special place to us and we were sad to bid it adieu.

IMG_3892 IMG_3893

IMG_3895 IMG_3904

IMG_3914 IMG_3923Post Schleusenkrug we went home to enjoy our final Berlin sunset (with some späti beers) at the Wasserturm. Then we finished packing up, had a last beer with Matteo and hit the hay. Wednesday morning we got up early, left our keys with the downstairs neighbor and hauled our three 50 pound suitcases and 4 incredibly heavy carry-on’s to Schonefeld airport. 20 hours later we arrive at the Chebuske home in Maine.



It was incredibly hard to leave Berlin and we miss it everyday, but we’ve been adjusting well to life back in the States and we have a big day coming up in just three weeks;) We couldn’t be more thankful for the two amazing years we spent in Berlin and we hope it won’t be too long before we return. We met so many amazing people, were blessed to visit so many amazing places and fell in love with the most amazing city we’ve ever been able to call home.

Berlin, du bist Wunderbar! Bis bald!

Summer Updates

Time is flying by! So much has been happening the past month I figure the best way to tackle our updates is to do a (not so) quick run through…

The end of June brought lots of opportunities to hang out with friends and enjoy the lakes and parks around Berlin- particularly Plotzensee and Krumme Lanke. We had a bbq out at Plotzensee for Thomas’ birthday in June and have returned a few times since for a dip.

IMG_1306 IMG_1309 IMG_1312 IMG_1323 IMG_1326


IMG_1637At the end of June my wonderful co-workers and friends threw a Hen Party (Bachelorette in American speak) for myself and my fellow engaged friend, Sandra. We met up at a delicious Asian tapas restaurant for dinner and followed that up with an evening of drinks at CCCP’s and then dancing. They even put together a little book of advice and tidbits for married life! Everything was so thoughtfully planned and really made us brides-to-be feel special! Thanks ladies (and Jon!).

IMG_1489 IMG_1492 IMG_1500 IMG_1514 IMG_1521 IMG_1530 IMG_1572 IMG_1574

June also brought about the festivities of Pride week and the big Christopher Street Parade. On the big parade day we spent the early afternoon out in Tiergarten watching the big parade and then in the late afternoon headed down to the smaller, more politically charged parade in Kreuzberg. We had so much fun celebrating with friends both gay and straight and enjoying the colorful events of the week. 

IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1467 IMG_1468 IMG_1469

July 1st signified the final two week countdown to the end of work as well as the arrival of my lovely cousin Jamie! Jamie stayed with us for two weeks and we had so much fun catching up, exploring Berlin and of course eating! She also rounded out her trip by speaking at a conference here in Berlin. Apparently it went very well- so that’s great news for her! Highlights of Jamie’s trip included swimming and sunbathing at the lake, her cooking up a massive Italian feast for us and some friends, clubbing in an abandoned swimming pool facility and sampling delicious beers all across the city. She was a great guest and we miss her already, but we’ll see her in just over two months when wedding festivities get going:)

IMG_1592 IMG_1641 IMG_1643 IMG_1647 IMG_1665 IMG_1673

While Jamie was here we also hosted a big 4th of July BBQ to introduce all our international friends to the amazingness that is July 4th in America! We hauled a rolly suitcase full of beer, our grill and burger fixings to Friedrichshain Volkspark to get our America on. About 25-30 friends showed up and we had a great time introducing them to country tunes, drinking games and even a patriotic rendition of the star spangled banner- it was a very festive event.


IMG_1610 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1631 1010981_3263814410857_1596354667_n 1003668_3263815650888_49711960_n 970076_3263815370881_423412967_n 4th

Another big update is that my work at Phorms finished up last Friday. It was a challenging, but rewarding year in terms of work. I learned a lot and will miss some of my kids and colleagues greatly. I gained an interesting perspective working in the classroom rather than in administration. And working in an international setting also taught me a lot. I’m not sure that teaching is where my future lies, but I love being part of a school community and am positive that education, in some form, is where I’ll end up career-wise.

We had a really fun end-of-year party for all of the Kita staff aboard a 3-hour boat cruise. The cruise took us around Tegelsee and we were able to bring our own wine and snacks aboard. It was a beautiful evening and a great way to remember the year.

IMG_1439 IMG_1448 IMG_1449 IMG_1454

All in all, Berlin in Summer is just an amazing place to be and we’ve been taking advantage of all that it has to offer. We finally fit our May date at the zoo in and had a great time wandering around one of the world’s top zoos. Almost all of the animals were out enjoying the sunshine which was great for us.  Favorites included the elephants (always my favorites!), the wolf puppies chowing on a recently deceased chicken, the immense amount of monkeys and apes, the swimming hippos and the bears (both brown and polar). Plus we got to feed baby goats at only 10 cents a pop!

IMG_1347 IMG_1384 IMG_1391 IMG_1405 IMG_1409

We’ve also been able to hit up some new bar and restaurants, catch up with friends, explore more of this amazing city and even get in some beach volleyball. Unfortunately last night I had to say good bye to one of my absolute favorite people and Berlin bestie, Irene. She is moving back to Australia to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor (such a smartie!). Hopefully we’ll get out there to visit her soon or she’ll hop across the Pacific. It’s the first of many sad goodbyes to come. Dave’s been spending much of his time working hard on his thesis, but is nearing the finish line. We have 6 more weeks in Europe before we head back to the States and we’re planning to make the most of the time we have left. We are embarking on a “final” European adventure at the end of July/beginning of August and are excited about exploring a few more countries out east. We’ll be flying into Croatia and then making our way around Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia before renting a car in southern Germany and making our way back north to Berlin. It should be an exciting trip and we can’t wait!  It’s been a busy, but fun start to Summer!

IMG_1642 IMG_1651 IMG_1698 IMG_1583 IMG_1650 IMG_1701

Until next time…Tschussi!!

World Tour USA 2012- Part I

The first leg of my USA World Tour stopped in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I got to spend an amazing couple of weeks visiting family there and hanging out with my parents and Maddie who flew out for the trip- a perfect welcome back to the good old US of A!

I had a long trip from Berlin, of course because of the distance, but also due to the fact that I had to make two transfers on my way to Milwaukee. Luckily everything was on time and I made it in one piece. My parents and Maddie flew in from LA the same day and our flights were only about 20 minutes apart- so we met at baggage claim, surprising my grandfather, who had no idea I was coming! It was so good to see my family after so many months and we spent the next two weeks catching up, watching TONS of baseball (Brewers, Chinooks, high school and little league!), eating delicious American food and exploring a bit of Milwaukee. Highlights of the trip included tailgating at the Brewer’s game, visiting the Harley Davidson museum, a food tour of Brattle Street and our day at Summerfest. Of course just relaxing and spending time with my whole family, particularly my grandma and grandpa, was the best part and I’m so happy I was able to spend as much time as I did in Wisconsin.

Dave wasn’t able to join me in the Midwest given the fact that his finals went into the first few weeks of July, but we met up on July 10th at Boston Logan. His flight was delayed by 5 hours due to a fire in the control tower at Newark, but thankfully Logan has free WIFI- why every airport doesn’t offer free internet is beyond me!  We spent the next couple days hanging out with family and friends, speeding around Casco Bay in the Spensington and getting ready to head down to Massachusetts for Paul and Robin’s wedding. We went down to Sudbury on Friday for the rehearsal dinner was tons of fun and incredibly delicious. Then since Dave was in the wedding party he spent the day Saturday hanging out with the other groomsmen and the Paul while I had cocktails and gossip with other girlfriends in our hotel room. The wedding ceremony was my favorite part of the day and both Paul and Robin looked great and so in love. The reception that followed was also wonderful and the after party continued back at the hotel bar long into the night. Congrats guys and thanks for inviting us to be a part of your day!

After the wedding we headed back to Boston with friends, Dan and Alix- who were nice enough to let us crash with them for a few days. We took advantage of the weather on Sunday and spent most of the day at the beach before heading up to one of our favorite Boston spots for dinner at Red Bones BBQ. Monday morning I headed over to visit Northeastern and check out the new Visitor Center. It was great to see some of my wonderful old students and catch up with former co-workers and I wish I could have spent longer catching up with everyone!  Beer was calling though and I hopped the T over to meet Dave and Dan for a tour of Harpoon Brewery. After Alix got off work we all headed over to Fenway with the intent of scalping Red Sox tickets. Unfortunately prices were a little high so we opted for beers and the view at Bleacher Bar (the bar looks out into Fenway through a panel in centerfield). The red sox are a terrible team and all their players should be traded immediately. And the Sox actually won one!

The next morning we woke up we woke up early and headed out to Sierra Madre after an absolutely stellar week in Maine and Massachusetts. The minute we landed we went into full wedding planning mode. We’re estimating that we won’t be back in the area until just a month or two before the big day, so our goal was to accomplish as much as possible in the two week period we had! And I’d say we were pretty successful!  We picked a date, found a ceremony and reception venue, picked a caterer and sampled tons of cupcakes. Additionally we have some great leads on a photographer, DJ and flowers and I was also able to find a dress! It was a jam-packed couple of weeks, but really fun to finally get to do some planning!

In addition to all the planning we had plenty of time for fun. We caught both an Angel’s game and a Dodger’s game, made it to the beach, had a big bbq with friends in LA, watched TONS of Olympic events, saw the LA Philharmonic at the Santa Anita Racetrack and enjoyed a great overnight trip with the fam up at Lake Arrowhead. Dave also had the opportunity to travel up to San Francisco for a few days to hang out with friends from college and while he was gone my mom, Maddie and I went to Disneyland (which I hadn’t visited since 2005). And when you go to Disneyland with us- you REALLY go to Disneyland. We were up at dawn to make it to the park for the opening and we stayed past the official close- to almost 1:00am- trying to get on every ride possible…an exhausting, but awesome day!

At the end of our time in California Dave and I drove with Maddie up to Davis. She’s going into her senior year and I couldn’t miss the chance to see Davis and have her show me around the campus and the city before she graduated. We had a lot of fun checking out the local farmer’s market, grubbing on burgers and brew at Burgers and Brew and hanging out with her friends our first night. The next day we biked around the greenbelt and all over campus- stopping to eat a picnic lunch in the arboretum. Our flight left for Maine that night, so we had one last (delicious) Davis meal of pizza and wings at Vito’s before heading to the airport. It was tough to say bye to Maddie since I’m not sure when we’ll see her next, but I know we’ll be talking a lot this year as the wedding approaches…yay for the best Maid of Honor ever!!

This concludes Part I of our World Tour USA 2012 post! Since we did so much on our trip I decided to break our post down into two parts. I’m putting it out here (so I hold myself to it!)- look for part II tomorrow!

Thanks for reading! – Daverian

The 8-month Mark…

Today marks 8 months since we packed up our belongings into 3 large suitcases and left Boston for Berlin. I still can’t quite believe that I get to say, “Oh, I live in Europe.”- pretty surreal. It’s been a wonderful yet challenging experience and I think it’s only going to get better!

The biggest challenge for me initially was having to worry about how exactly I was going to legally stay in the country after my initial 90 days in the Schengen Zone. As my 90 days came to a close in December and I was still without a job I was getting pretty stressed out. Didn’t really help that in Berlin it would get dark at 3:45 in the afternoon literally making me feel like I was “in the dark” all the time. Luckily my problem was solved (or rather postponed) when I decided that to sign up for intensive German classes that would allow me to remain on a student visa. In the meantime I was able to secure a free-lance position with an international company and was provided with the paperwork I needed to secure a free-lance visa. Unfortunately the job fell through when not enough people signed up for the English courses, but at least I’d been able to acquire my much desired visa.

I’m no stranger to job searching, as I had taken the plunge twice before when we moved to DC jobless and then Boston. And let me tell you- job searching in 2007 as a fresh-faced college grad with no experience was a walk in the park compared to the Boston job search in 2009 and the Berlin experience in 2011/2012. Luckily things always have a way of working out in the end. In Boston I searched in vain for 5 months, but then landed my dream job at Northeastern (a job I still miss all the time). And here in Berlin I finally received the offer I’d be praying for when in late April I was offered a position as a Kindergarden teacher at an international school in Berlin!  I won’t start work full-time until September 1st due to our lengthy trip back to the States this Summer, but I’ve been working a couple days a week pro-bono to get a feel for the school, meet some of my colleagues and get to know the kids. So far everything is wonderful! Each class has between 15-20 kids and 3 teachers (pretty amazing S:T ratio!). Of the three teachers, two are native German speakers and one is a native English speaker. The idea is that the kids are exposed constantly to both languages and learn to understand and speak both through immersion. It’s a really interesting place to work and my colleagues seem great. I’m so thankful to 1. have a job! 2. be still in a school environment and 3. be at a place that will expose me to some great people!

Though the past 8 months did bring some stress with the visa situation and the job search so much more our time here has been stress-free and fabulous!  We’ve traveled to 6 different countries, celebrated our first Christmas together, explored so much of Berlin, met some great people and of course, got engaged!!!  My highlights thus far include the TEFL program I completed in Prague back in Oct/Nov, traveling with Maddie in Belgium, Prague and Berlin, our Christmas in the Black Forest, our engagement in March and our trip to Ireland for Saint Patricks day. Dave too has enjoyed the traveling, but has been much busier than me on the work-front. He’s finishing up his second semester in just over a month, working part-time at a non-profit and will soon begin his search for an internship come Fall.  Good thing he loves his program and economics so much- with all that’s happening with the Euro Crisis it’s an interesting time to be studying finance anywhere, but especially Berlin. When asked about his Euro highlights he mentioned his ski trip to Austria, his birthday trip to Ireland and drinking glühwein at the Christmas markets.

All in all I’d say we’ve been pretty happy here in Berlin and are excited for the next 8 months and beyond!

Dem Deutschen Volk