Wedding Party

We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends take part in our wedding. Being in a wedding party can take a lot of time and effort and we appreciate their willingness to be a part of ours. We love you!


My beautiful Maid of Honor and sister Madeline Herlache

My fantastic bridesmaid and cousin Jamie Rosenow

My fabulous bridesmaid and college roommate Lea John

My sweet bridesmaid and UPS+Boston buddy Emily Schmick

My wonderful bridesmaid and friend since high school Kathleen Miles

My amazing bridesmaid and friend since middle school Robyn Moss

My lovely bridesmaid and friend since high school Kathy Berber


Best Man: Jack Chebuske

Groomsman: Sam Lowry

Groomsman: Dan Hackett

Groomsman: Paul Hackett

Groomsman: Ross Madore

Groomsman: Nick Meyers

Groomsman: Nate Carley

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