We’re excited to be heading to Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua for our honeymoon! We’re flying into Panama City on October 15 and spending one night there before hopping another plane to the Bocas del Toro region of the country. We’ll be spending five nights at the Firefly on Bastimentos. It looks like the perfect place to kickback, relax and start off our honeymoon right.

After our time in Bocas del Toro we’ll be heading north to Costa Rica. When looking at where to head in Costa Rica there were a lot of options, but weather really factored into our decision. October is an interesting month in this region. The Pacific side of the country gets more rain than almost any other time of the year, however the Caribbean side experiences one of their most pristine months of weather. Due to what we learned about the weather we decided to make our first stop in Costa Rica the Caribbean-side province of Limon. We’re excited to spend some more time relaxing on the beach off Punta Uva and then check out Cahuita National Park and the Sloth Sanctuary up in Cahuita.

From there we’ll crisscross the country, perhaps stopping in an intriguing town along the way. Our next Costa Rican destination is in Alajuela and will probably be the most luxurious part of our stay- 4 nights at the Rio Celeste Hideaway Hotel in the northwest corner of Costa Rica. We’re hoping to hike into Rio Celeste, take a horseback riding tour and enjoy a spa treatment or two at the Hideaway. Even if we get stuck in the Pacific-side October rains it should be a romantic and relaxing destination.

As we head out of Costa Rica and make our way to Nicaragua we’re planning to stop by Santa Rosa National Park to check out the sites and maybe even catch a glimpse of the nesting sea turtles.

We’ll then traverse into our third and final country, Nicaragua. Once in Nicaragua we’ll be setting out towards Ometepe Island. We’ll spend 3-4 nights on the island checking out the world’s largest volcanic island located in a freshwater lake. We plan to stay in one of the hotels on the southern side of the island. From what we’ve read and heard Ometepe is pretty rustic and we plan to spend our time there enjoying the nature by hiking around the volcanoes (though we probably wont get too far as it is the rainy season),  kayaking through the area of Rio Istián and swimming in El Ojo de Agua.

After ferrying back from Ometepe we’ll make our way up to the colonial city of Granada. It will be our first city stop since Panama City and I’m sure we’ll be looking forward to doing some traditional touristy stuff and checking out the local bars and restaurants.

From Granada  we’ll head towards the capital city of Managua to visit for a few days with Anina (Dave’s cousin who has been living in Nicaragua for the past 4 years).  We may stop along the way or take day trips to the nature reserve of Laguna de Apoyo or the markets of Masaya (apparently the best place to buy handcrafted goods in Nica). We’re just looking forward to seeing some of the sites and learning more about the country from a local before we head back state-side:)

And thus concludes our dually-devised, epically, awesome honeymoon. All activities and locations are subject to change, but knowing my penchant for planning we’ll probably stick pretty close to our itinerary. So much world to see, so little time!

We’re so excited to take our first trip together as newlyweds and are so grateful for all of those who are helping to make this trip a possibility. For any guests who’d like to contribute please visit our Honeyfund page. Thank you so much for your generous gifts- we can’t wait to share pictures and stories with you when we return!

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