Travel Tidbits

We’ve been sharing our stories to keep family and friends updated on our time in Germany, but thought we might be able to provide some useful travel tips and information to a wider audience. Other’s blogs and travel reviews have helped us immensely these past two years and we’re hoping to return the favor.  Getting these pages out is an ongoing process, but we’d been slowly creating them. We are still in the process of writing these, so bear with us and check back for updates!

Hope they can be of help to other travel lovers out there. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

Travel Tidbit Locations


Berlin, Germany

GreeceParis, FranceBudapest, HungaryBarcelona and Castelldefels, SpainIrelandMunich, Germany IMG_6226Amsterdam, NetherlandsBruges and Brussels, Belgium

Prague, Czech Republic















North America

Costa RicaBocas del Toro, Panama

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