Enrichment Project- Week #2: Exercise Everyday

Our challenge this week was actually incredibly challenging- exercise everyday!  Making yourself exercise in the most pristine of weather is hard enough, but throw in 7 straight days of rain, snow and wind and it’s even less appealing.  We struggled through though and feel great about doing it.  We have to be honest though, we did miss one day- blame it on the rain (and excessive drinking the previous night…whoops!).

We alternated different exercises on different days, but stuck with our “14 Day Ab-Workout” throughout.  I don’t know if I’ll admit to seeing any real progress, but we both noticed how much easier the workouts became by days 5, 6 and 7.  Day 2- I couldn’t even bend over to put on my boots without intense muscle pain. For the major portion of the exercise we rotated between jogs, brisk and lengthy walks (on the one sunny day all week) and yoga videos.  All in all not the most fun we’ll be having over the course of the Enrichment Project, but hopefully this will be a way to start a more regular exercise routine.

Enrichment Project- Week 3: German Jeden Tag 

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