Enrichment Project 2012

Adrian and I always make New Years resolutions to try and improve our lives every year. Usually she sticks to hers pretty well… I almost never do. This year in addition to our normal resolutions, we stole an idea from my favorite website reddit and decided to also do a different enrichment project together each week. Here is our (incomplete) list:

1. No Alcohol 
2. Watch a TED talk everyday – For those who don’t know, TED talks are lectures given on a variety of thought provoking topics. Here is a link.
3. Memorize the Phonetic Alphabet – This one will be tough!
4. Exercise everyday (b/ 45 minutes-1hour)
5. No Facebook & No Reddit
6. Educational Class with supplemental book – We have been looking at iTunesU and other various online free classes. Any suggestions?
7. Try New Recipes – Try cooking some food we have never had each day of the week
8. Classic Movies – Something from this list that we have never seen
9. Write three Letters – Write and mail at least 3 hand written letters to loved ones
10. Learn a new Skill – Not sure what we want to learn yet… maybe juggling, oragami or knitting. Any other suggestions?

We think it is going to be really challenging but really fun and rewarding. Hopefully we can accomplish everything… we will be keeping track on this web site of course. Maybe we can keep some of these going the whole year or if we think of some more challenges, maybe we can extend the challenge beyond 10 weeks! As always, we welcome any and all suggestions.

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