Oh Happy Day

First, I’d like to apologize to the general public for not contributing more to this blog… there is a good reason for that which I am about to explain.

First though, I need to explain something about myself. I have a severe internet addiction. I love surfing the net and do so constantly. There is so much information readily available. One can literally learn about anything instantly, for free from anywhere in the world. From an economics standpoint, the Consumer Surplus humans derive from the internet easily outweighs any other gains we have achieve in the last 30 years, though we dont have a good way of portraying that numerically yet.

Needless to say, when I tried to find an apartment here in Berlin, one of my necessities for the place was a working internet connection. Unfortunately, once we arrived here we found out right away that, to my abject horror, for some reason my MacBook could not connect to the internet here in the apartment a Beymestrasse 1. Adrian’s laptop had no problem, but my Mac could not connect.

For the first few weeks of living here I tolerated internet free life as best I could, but as soon as Adrian left, my problem went from bad to worse. She left behind her iPad, which gave me access to email, but alas, for the week she has been gone, in addition to moping around, alone with little to do here in the apartment, I have been experiencing major internet withdrawal.

Well, dear reader, worry no more. I am happy to report, I have fixed the problem and am now online!!! I am sure no one cares, but I was able manually configure the DNS servers, which for some reason were not automatically being populated correctly. Words cannot express how happy this makes me. My consumer surplus is once again through the roof and you can look forward to more boring blog posts from Berlin.


2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

  1. thank goodness you’re back online dave, we all know adrian can talk for hours on end so it’s nice to hear things from a different point of view every so often šŸ˜‰ keep up the good work.

    p.s. lumpy says he misses you.

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