Already April

A few weeks ago I got some very exciting news from USC when they called to offer me a position as an Assistant Director of Admissions! I started at the end of March and am really excited to be back in the world of higher education. I think USC will be a dynamic place to work and we’re happy to finally know what city we’ll be in for the next couple of years! As anyone who’s ever worked in admissions knows April is a CRAZY month and I’ve been put right to work. I’m doing my best to learn all there is to know about my new office and will be traveling to admitted student events over the course of the month. Last weekend I was in the bay area and I’m headed to Texas next weekend. Starting a new job is always a little overwhelming, but I really like my colleagues and they’ve been great about sharing information and making me feel welcome.

At the end of last week Dave traveled back to Maine to visit with family and retrieve his mom’s old car. Melissa is investing in a new vehicle and generously offered us her old model. Dave and his dad are driving the car across country later this week. They’ll be stopping in a couple cities along the way to catch baseball games and Dave’s thinking about stopping at Zion to do a little hiking if time permits. Dave was in Maine to celebrate his dad’s birthday last weekend and was also able to go skiing with friends.  In the next few days he’ll be packing up some of our stuff from storage and then on Wednesday they’ll head out west.

We don’t have a ton of things planned in the near future, but are excited to be back in California for Easter. It will be the first time I’ve been home for the holiday since college and am looking forward to sunrise service in Wilderness Park, family brunch and The 10 Commandments. It’s not the most thrilling of times, but we’re happy and healthy and life aint bad:)

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