Checking In

2013 is officially underway in what promises to be an exciting year for us! Adrian is staying busy with work and Dave is working hard on school trying to get his Master’s Thesis ready.  We are excited about everything that is coming up for us and we have so much to look forward to!

First up is our trip to Budapest, Hungary next weekend. For a Christmas gift, Adrian planned a surprise date for every month of the year and the first one is coming up at the end of January: a three night stay in Budapest- giving us a chance to see the city and to get out of Germany for a break. We’ll definitely be writing a blog post about that so look forward to it.

Once we get back, Adrian’s old friend Jess is visiting all the way from California after spending January in Ghana. Then at the end of February, Dave is heading on a ski trip to Austria with some friends from school. Next up it’s Dave’s birthday and the one year anniversary of when we got engaged! After that we have our trip to the Greek islands, which will be a great to welcome back the warmer weather.

We’ve also been taking advantage of winter in Berlin and trying to get out and be as active as possible despite the freezing temperatures! And of course throughout all these adventures we’ll both be working hard and planning for our wedding in October of this year, which will definitely be the highlight of 2013! We are trying to get everything sorted out from over here in Berlin and have made a ton of progress on what hopefully will be a fun time. We can’t wait to see everyone!

Tiergarten Berlin View from Ka De We

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