New Apartment

As you may know from an earlier post- on January 1st we moved out of our apartment in Steglitz to a cozy little place in Schöneberg. Though both apartment are technically located in Berlin proper- our new place feels much more “in the city”.  We have 5 different metro lines within walking distance and are only about a 20 minute walk from the Tiergarten and Kurfürstendamm Straße.

Though this apartment has almost 10 square meters less space than our previous place, it’s set up so that it doesn’t feel cramped. In our old apartment their were only 2 rooms- the kitchen and then the “living” space (which included the bedroom and the living room).  This spot has everything separated and it creates a much cozier atmosphere. The only real downside is the fact that the kitchen only comes equipped with two stove top burners- no oven:(

Unfortunately this wont be our “permanent” location, but we’re hoping the next place we find will have that option.  We will be here until the end of February though and are going to enjoy the international flavor and great restaurant selection while we can!!

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